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Presentation Solutions
Production Information

Presentation folders are a great way to organize your corporate materials professionally. See below for production time.

Presentation Folder Categories

Standard Folders

Reinforced Folders

Tab Folders

Capacity Folders

Legal Folders

Mini Folders

Key Card Folders

Tri-Panel Folders

File Folders

Speed Folders

Stitched Inserts

Stepped Inserts
Additional Information

Business Card Slits: Four-corner horizontal business card slits are standard in the right pocket unless otherwise noted.

Optional slits are available for a $42 list (P) additional
charge. See available options below.

Printing on Folder: Pricing includes printing on one side
only, see shaded areas of the folder dielines. Please call for pricing on flood coverage.

Pricing: Established using base stocks. Refer to the Stock Selection guide. See additions to base price for stocks in other groups.

Pockets: All pockets are glued, unless noted.

Spine Prong Attachments: Available in white card stock. These may be added to the following style folders for an additional charge: PF-105 through PF-145, TF-105 through TF-125 and RF-105.

Note: Spine Attachments add 2-3 working days to normal production time.

* Production Time for PF-105, PF-110, and PF-115:
5 days for foil stamping and up to 4 PMS colors with 35%
total ink coverage; 7 Days for embossing and 4-color process.

Standard Folders:
PF-105 PF-110 PF-115 *
5-7 Days
PF-120 PF-125 PF-150
7 Days
NF-105, NF-105V 3-5 Days
Reinforced Folders:
All Styles
7 Days
Tab Folders:
TF-105 TF-115 TF-125 TF-135
TF-140 TF-145
7 Days
Capacity Folders:
CF-105 CF-110 CF-115 CF-120 CF-125 CF-130
7 Days
CF-135 CF-140 CF-145 CF-150 CF-160
CF-165 CF-170
10 Days
Legal Folders:
LF-105 LF-110 LF-115 LF-120
7 Days
LF-125 LF-130 LF-135 LF-140
10 Days
Mini Folders:
All Styles
7 Days
Hotel Key Cards:
All Styles
7-10 Days
Tri-Panel Folders:
All Styles
10 Days
File Folders:
All Styles
7 Days
Speed Folders:
1 Day
Foil Stamped (Qty 50-1,000)
5 Days
Stepped or Stitched Inserts:
All Styles Additional
5 Days
Multiple processes will require additional working days.

All Items are shipped final folded, unless noted.

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